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Hi, it’s great to meet you! My name’s Adri, stopless cinephile and part of the LateNightStreaming team. It is a pleasure for me to be one of those who will bring you relevant news, some curiosities and a few concise analyses of the best films, TV series and streaming shows.

Among the biggest lessons I learned in film school was how to appreciate classic movies that manage to stay current. We can enjoy this and also broaden our horizons with new movies that are daring. For this reason, in these weekly editions we will maintain a balance, and we will be talking a lot about new films, but we’ll also comment on some timeless pieces from a few years ago.

What kind of information you’ll find in our newsletter?

  • Expected news and premieres: we are always attentive to the first fruits of cine and series. This is how we have the tools to keep you up to date with the premieres.
  • Fun facts and behind the scenes: we are passionate about what happens in front of the camera, but what happens behind the scenes also defines the story and the experience. Any interesting detail about a movie and series; we know them, and we will tell you.
  • Reviews and analysis: if you want to take a deep dive into film analysis, you will really enjoy our reviews. With all possible objectivity, we’ll give you a taste of the most striking movies and series of the moment.

Whether you like horror, romance, comedy or drama; good movies and series always have components that absorb the audience. A good photograph can move you to tears, just as a good sound mix can stop your heart of terror.

In my opinion, there is no high cinema nor low cinema. The quality of a film can be evaluated, but never compared. At the end of the day, enjoying a movie or not is about perspectives, the perspective of the viewer, specifically.

This is how there are movies that are seen and loved by millions, even when being considered of “poor quality” by some critics. While other author’s masterpieces are appreciated only by a few who “understand” them. Reiterating the position of balance, we have space for everyone and, therefore, we will talk about everyone.

Next week we kick off with a movie you must have seen, or at least heard about: Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Sit back in your chair, grab some popcorn and enjoy our newsletter. All movies and series have a second part here.

See you soon!

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